Male Bust Sculpture

     All this done in zbrush.The reference model face take from the fashion magazine.The face is the fun part to adding more and more detail but the hair is still be problem for me. The surface painted by spray brush did not used real skin image for texture.


Male anatomy work in progress

Then i bring obj file to the zbrush for textering. Top image was render in Light Wave with node Simple Skin.


Study male anatomy


Just another piece that i study in human anatomy. Sculpt in Sculptris and remesh in 3D Coat.


Boy Bust

It still look like plastic toy no matter how i change setting in skin material node. May be next one will be better.


Female figure

This female figure start at sculpt in Sculptris and then I remesh and UV unwrap in 3D Coat that rather new for me but it quite simple than remesh in Zbrush. Then texture it in Zbrush and render in Light Wave like you see in the second picture.


Mother monster

First I purpose to finish this piece in sculptris but when I generate map for paint there some error then I move to zbrush for texture painting. I 've first try with zapplink the great powerful  tool  that make you can use photoshop paint directly on model that help me a lot.



Linguini character from the movie ratatouille.This model is made of the Light Wave. Hair made from the polygon and transparency map that I think it looks strange to me.


Sculptris Male Sculpting

I made this video to show you how to sculpt  human model with sculptris. I spent about 200 minutes to do this. It is also quite rough. Which I do not want too much detail because what I do next is to remesh it in Zbrush.  Thank you for watching.


Sculptris Figure Study

This is my new work that inspired by the poses of models in magazines with a mixture of Japanese manga cartoons with a thin neck, long legs and arms. I 've used Sculptris and feel a flexible of program to create the free-form in any direction., because it is  tri polygon. And the way when we draw the brush it will add details on specific models which I think it is the best thing in Sculptris.


2006 Demo Reel

This is my first 3d portfolio that i have done in 2006. I start my 3d career with this demo reel that i show all my 3d skill. At first i try to learn all from digital painting, model, rigging, animate, and composite. I'm not specific my field but i know that i love to model most. All 3d part from 3d's Max, digital painting from photoshop and composite in adobe after effect.